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 “Il Molo = One woman + two soulmates + the Italian Seacoast + crime” – I thank Writers’ Lens for coming up with this equation of Il Molo as the title of an interview I gave on the website (See post) . This is the third element of the equation of Il Molo.

Ahh! Varigotti’s beach, spiaggia in Italian, is absolutely beautiful. In general the sea is clean, at least in the morning, and its western exposition means there is sun all day long. The beach is made up of tiny pebbles so you don’t have sand clinging to everything. Unfortunately the pebbles get really hot and by early afternoon it is impossible, at least for Martha, to walk on them.

Varigotti's beach

Martha and Carl take their annual summer vacation in Varigotti. For them it is the ideal vacation spot filled with many cherised memories. The splendid beach is not the only attraction. The small resort, frequented mostly by Italians, is nestled between the hills and the sea. The village is picturesque and worth exploring.

The couple have been coming here for so many years that they know a lot of vacationers, if not by name at least by face. Over the years, they have watched children grow into adults. These young adults have started their own families and have made Varigotti their preferred paradise.

the molo

The molo in high season.

The molo, from whence the name of my book, or jetty, juts out into the sea, turning about halfway at a slight angle. It is about two meters high and is lined with huge boulders. The existing molo was built to break up the waves that would otherwise slam on to the beach. The photo shows an aerial view of the molo from the cliffs above. Also one of the heading photos on my blog shows the molo seen from the beach.

Not far from Varigotti’s beach is the small beach known as the spiaggetta in Italian. The spiaggetta is in an alcove backed by a cliff named the Punta Crena upon which stands an abandoned guard tower and bastion. The beach can be reached by swimming, by boat, by paddleboat, or by climbing down the Punta Crena. This beach is the scene of the crime!

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