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Il Molo

Il Molo cover

Martha Nathan, an American expat living in Geneva, Switzerland, would have never dreamed that an idyllic vacation spot on the Ligurian seacoast could become the setting for tragedy and the awakening of unsuspected love. For several years, she and her husband, Carl Tomas, an up and coming Swiss sculptor, have been coming to the picturesque village of Varigotti Italy, and Martha has always enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the beach. However, on the last day of this year’s vacation, Martha finds herself trying to understand why her past has suddenly invaded her present. And soon she will discover that it will also intrude upon the future. The following year, on a cold grey day in June, Martha is in her Geneva office thinking about last summer’s vacation and looking forward to the one coming soon. Her mobile phone rings and she learns of a tragedy in Varigotti that will overshadow their vacation, bring her past back into her life and upset her grip on reality. Martha’s normally tranquil personality is shaken by the turn of events and a nagging question emerges: what life could have been if she had chosen a different person to love. Thanks to Carl’s unique perspective on life and love, Martha is able to surmount her uncertainty and feel contentment with the choice she made. IL MOLO is essentially a story about relationships and how unexpected, sometimes tragic, events can alter these relationships forever. Available on: Amazon (paperback and Kindle) and CreateSpace.

The Cruelty of Love

The Cruelty of LoveKate Johnson has made it to mid-level management in the IT group of a pharmaceutical company. Her intelligence, technical competence and easy-going personality are among the keys to her success. When Kate watches a television interview of one of her ex-boyfriends, her demons of over 30 years ago are awakened. Over the coming weeks, she cannot shake the resurrected feelings of betrayal and injustice, and vows to confront the men she once loved. She methodically conceives and carries out her ingenious, and illegal, plan. As the two men, her family and friends seek to understand her actions, Kate accepts her punishment. Available on Amazon: paperback, Kindle, and CreateSpace

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