Il Molo

Rebecca Sloan – March 25, 2014 – Goodreads:  Il Molo, the new release by first-time author, Theresa Nash, is a wonderful experience. And that’s just what it is—an experience. From the breathtaking descriptions of the Ligurian Coast, specifically the resort village of Varigotti, Italy, to the poignant presentation of the conflict between illusion and reality, Il Molo is a story you will become immersed in.

Martha Nathan is, like our author, an expat living in Geneva, Switzerland, who travels to Varigotti with her husband, Carl, a talented Geneva sculptor, for their annual vacation getaway, Carl to get inspiration for his sculptures and Martha, to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun, sea and air. It’s always been a welcome reprieve from her hectic work in Geneva. This particular vacation, however, is going to prove to be the one that is going to upset her tranquil world and challenge her perceptions of reality vs illusion. Without being a plot spoiler, all I can say is that she eventually realizes that life presents us many choices and all we can do is make a conscious effort to be content with the choices we make.

Il Molo is a beautifully written tale full of mystery and intrigue, an unwelcome tragedy the catalyst for Martha’s epiphany. It will appeal to your sense of adventure as well as your more introspective instincts.

Alison S. Woods – April 15, 2014 – Amazon US: Great book to take on vacation. The plot’s twists were unexpected. I felt like I was in Italy and near the sea – my favorite place to be.

Lennox Randon – April 22, 2014 – Amazon US: Il Molo is well-written novel which explores the road not taken in an unusual way. The scenes are set so well that you feel like you’re in Italy. An enjoyable read.

Carla – June 28, 2014 – Goodreads:  I think that this is a 3 1/2 star book. It is hard to summarize without giving away a spoiler that leaves a deep twist, but I am going to try.

Martha and Carl Tomas return every year to the Lugarian Coast of Italy, it is there that they find the time to unwind, catch up on the sun, a few activities, and in Martha’s case – in Part 1 it seems as though it is a reacquaintance of a lover that brings her back. The imagery of the book brings the story alive, the smells, the venders surround the reader with vivid descriptions, I felt as though I was there (and that alone was worth the read) — but the twist, which I didn’t see coming, and together like a puzzle working itself out in Part 2 was interesting. Part 2 though was a little rushed through to the resolution. A good mystery for the beach or those stuck inland looking for an escape.

Rebecca – June 28, 2014 – Amazon US: This is a beautiful novel in which the author uses an amazingly picturesque setting to tell a story of life, love, and mystery!

Carolyn – July 28, 2014 – Amazon UK: This is an excellent first novel. With the in-depth portrayals of the characters and their thoughts, I felt as though I was experiencing first hand the plot as it unfolded. The mystery has twists and turns – in an Italian setting beautifully described. A good read until the last page.

Molly Gambiza – December 7, 2014 – Amazon UK: What a great book! It’s well constructed and unpredictable with twists and turns, exactly my type of book. Theresa Nash doesn’t make her story predictable for readers to know what is coming next, each time I thought I was getting closer in solving the crime, she threw me off the scent. I found myself turning the pages to get to the truth. The characters seem so real, Martha and Carl, very interesting couple. I hope there is a follow up because I would like to know what happens to the handsome Bjorn and what about Bianca and her new business partner? I enjoyed every page, I can’t wait to read the next book.

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