The Cruelty of Love

Molly Gambiza – Feb 13, 2016 – Amazon: OUTSTANDING ***** The Cruelty Of Love is Theresa Nash’s second novel and her writing is outstanding, I thorough enjoyed it. All the characters seemed so real, I felt their presence especially Kate. A lot of women will agree with me. I salute her for her actions but it was a very dangerous step to take. Very brave I must say, but she needed to face her demon, her ex- boyfriends whom I found very arrogant especially Charles. The Cruelty Of Love is a type of story you don’t want to see the end, you just want to go on and on…Well written!

Moira L. Nash – 15 April 2016 – Amazon: Loved it! ***** I really liked this story, it had love and suspense. I also liked the relationships of the characters to each other. Plus, it was easy to visualize as the descriptions of the places were well written. In addition, it was easy to relate to as most of us have been hurt by someone we loved. Can’t wait for the author’s next book.

Kindle Customer – 16 April 2016 – Amazon: Good read! ***** I enjoyed the book. Recommended for anyone who wants a fast and entertaining read. Congratulations on a well written book!

Janet Gogerty  22 April 2016 – Amazon: Should the past be revisted? **** I was absorbed into this story on the first page as we realise Kate is in prison and it feels very real. By the end of the novel I was left feeling disturbed. Theresa Nash has given us a heroine who some may cheer while others question what she did. It is a good author who makes us think, whose characters are not cut and dried. Charles has remained arrogant, but Earl understood what Kate was doing, and at that point the story could have gone several ways. The ending came sooner than I expected.

Carolyn – 2 May 2016 – Amazon: Review **** This is the second novel written by Theresa Nash. I enjoyed it immensely, as in her first book, the descriptions of the characters, and the surroundings were excellent, allowing the reader into the mind of the protagonist. An unusual theme which captures the interest of the reader – to the end. Now on to a third book?

By Kelly Lumpkin – May 3, 2016 – Amazon: Five Stars ***** This book was a great read and page turner!

Denis de Pentheny O’Kelly – 3 May 2016 – email – I have just finished reading The Cruelty of Love which I found at Payot. You do have a creative imagination!!! Assuming you were writing fiction or maybe a story related someone you know – as I am sure that you have not served time in chuuky!!! I really enjoyed it – Bravo!!!