Over the last few weeks I’ve posted interviews of several self-published authors on my blog. To read them go to the Categories on the left of the blog and choose “Interviews and such.”

Everyone interviewed has a unique story to tell about their writing and their love of writing. The one common element of all the interviews is the authors’ dedication to writing and publishing, and to meeting the daunting marketing challenges of independent publications. Enticing readers to buy the book, and to actually read it and leave a constructive interview is an on-going effort, long after the novel has been published.

Thanks to the authors for their willingness to share their successes as well as their setbacks with my blog followers. I’ve enjoyed reading and editing the interviews, and I’ve discovered new books which are now on my reading list.

There are more interviews on the way, and I hope you will enjoy them.

I’d like to add plug for my books. You can read about them on my blog: https://mytheresanash.com/my-writing/

(Title of this post is paraphrased from a Patty Labelle song – “Music Is My Way of Life”)