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 “Il Molo = One woman + two soulmates + the Italian Seacoast + crime” – I thank Writers’ Lens for coming up with this equation of Il Molo as the title of an interview I gave on the website (See post) . This is the second element of the equation of Il Molo.   

Can you be romantically attracted to two people at the same time? Do you have several soulmates, with whom you could be happy and even marry? Marthacouple romantic deals with this eternal question in Il Molo. Carl, her husband, whom she’s been with for almost twenty years, and Bjorn, ten years her junior, whom she met on the ski slopes not long after her move to Geneva.

The first time she met Carl, a sculptor, was at a gallery opening in Geneva. The encounter was brief. Her second meeting was almost a year later and once again at an art show opening in Geneva. At the time she found him very attractive and charming. She took the risk and was glad that she did. It was Carl that introduced her to Varigotti.

On the slopesHer first encounter with Bjorn was also brief. And here is where Martha’s dream world distorts reality. She did meet him on the ski slopes when she went skiing with her then boyfriend. After that encounter she never Bjorn again. But…her dream world showed her another version and one that apparently held an important place in her subconscious.

When she runs into Bjorn in Italy her heretofore stable world is shaken. Even more so when she discovers that he may be a part of a tragic incident that took place in Varigotti at the beginning of that summer. Martha is confronted with her true feelings for Carl and Bjorn. Can she love two men at the same time? Could she have been happy with Bjorn?

Are these two men based on real people? I already answered this concerning Carl in the previous post. As for Bjorn? I am not at liberty to say.

Il Molo  – available on Amazon, paperback and Kindle.

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