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I surprised myself when I saw that my last blog post was in June!

Of course, I do have some excuses: training my replacement at work (takes time), on vacation in the US (saw lots of family and friends) and Italy (relaxed on the beach which you see above in the pictures), and nothing much to report except…I’m working on a new book and the translation by a friend-translator of “Il Molo” into French.

I continue to manage three FB pages plus two websites – one for indie authors www.literaryselfies.com, and one for my painter husband www.pierremontant.com. Take a look at both of these if you have a moment.

My time constraints will be greatly eased when I (finally) take my retirement at the end of the year. I will have more time to do all of the above plus blogging more frequently and more time to do nothing, if I so choose.