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White RabbitI was extremely busy this past week at my day job. I felt like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

On Thursday morning I realized that the previous day I had had no time to consult my Facebook account. I knew I was missing some important news from my friends. Couldn’t check on how my pages were doing – Literary Selfies, Il Molo, Pierre Montant. Didn’t even have time to check if there were any more FB Likes on Literary Selfies, not to mention time to post a new interview on the blog. And my own blog – no time to see if I had any more followers. Goodreads and She Writes fell off the radar. I didn’t check my sales on CreateSpace and Kindle Publishing nor if I had any more reviews on Amazon. Didn’t look at either Twitter or Pinterest. Google+ never even entered my mind. And Commission Junction was just a fleeting memory.

Wow! Now that I’ve listed all the sites that I consult in a day (besides the ones I need for my job) it’s scary. What would I have been doing 10 years ago? For sure none of this. However, I must admit I’m glad that all these internet tools are available. I wouldn’t have been able to self-publish my book and market it myself, create a website and a blog, use social media to reach out to friends and followers. On the other hand I wouldn’t have had dozens of passwords to remember, nor worry about viruses, nor hackers breaking into my accounts. And I definitely wouldn’t have had that “White Rabbit” day.