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I haven’t posted in a while. I’m almost ashamed when I look at my site and see my last post was in April. Frankly, I am disgusted about what is happening in the US, and the true news and “fake news” have been occupying a lot of my spare time.

However, no excuses. My three books, one in French, are still available on Amazon and I would love to have you read them as well as leave a review.

Set on the Ligurian seacoast, a story about relationships and how unexpected, sometimes tragic, events can alter these relationships forever. When Martha Nathan’s dreams of the past begin intruding on her present, she’s left to wonder how they might change her future—and whether she wants them to.

Il Molo



And the French version below:

Situé sur le littoral de Ligurie, une histoire sur les relations et les événements inattendus, parfois tragiques, peuvent modifier ces relations pour toujours. Lorsque les rêves de Martha Nathan sur le passé commencent à s’introduire sur son cadeau, elle se demande comment changer son avenir et si elle le veut.

Il Molo – version française



A tale of betrayal and injustice, confrontation and retribution. Kate Johnson conceives and carries out an ingenious and illegal plan to calm her demons of over 30 years.

The Cruelty of Love