I don’t often comment here on world events or politics, but the support for Donald Trump is scary! I want to add my voice to the others who have spoken out about the danger he represents to the US and to the international community.

The Washington Post editorial board interview with Donald Trump is an hour but well worth the time spent.

Don’t be fooled by his cool, calm voice, or the seemingly learned responses. or the “I’m your friend” type comments. Trump is dangerous. He’s a huckster! He may be a construction mogul, but he has absolutely no idea of how government works. Listen especially to his comments on foreign policy issues starting around 34 minutes into the interview.

I cannot believe that there are a lot of Americans who would vote for him. For me that is a disastrous commentary on the state of the US. Some of my fellow citizens have sunken to a level which is absolutely disappointing and disgusting. I sincerely hope that the Republican party bigwigs are more intelligent than their members.

God help us all!!