Pierre Montant - 2001

“Loggia cosmica” by Pierre Montant 2001, Oil on canvas, 130 x 162 cm, Private collection.

Thanks to my artist husband (Pierre Montant) and the painting’s new owner Il Molo found it’s cover. When I came up with the book’s title I immediately thought of this mysterious oil-on-canvas work that Pierre had completed in 2001. It depicts the pier known as il molo which extends out from the beach in Varigotti, Italy, and, in this particular scene, the damage that can be done by the sea at it’s angriest.

The painting captured the exact atmosphere that I was looking for.  Pierre said he would be honored to have Il Molo adopt Loggia cosmica as it’s cover. By the time I published the book in 2014 the painting had been purchased, and the new owner graciously agreed to let me use it as the cover.

If this painting excites you, you can see more of Pierre’s works on www.pierremontant.com and on YouTube.